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Northern Ireland Team Selection

Qualifying for a Northern Ireland Team

  • Only fully paid up members of the UCPSA, who are in good standing can qualify to represent Northern Ireland at Home International Tournaments.

  • Shoot entry must be made under UCPSA membership number.

  • Each discipline has an individual selection criteria, these can be viewed below.

  • If the discipline allows scores from outside of Northern Ireland to count towards selection you must return the "Score Return Form" to the statistical officer within seven days of the event.    

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Northern Ireland Team Rules

Representing Northern Ireland should be an experience to be proud of. To ensure everyone enjoys the event we ask that all team members follow the Northern Ireland team code of conduct:

While representing Northern Ireland all team members must compete in the recognised Northern Ireland Team Vest.

  • The Northern Ireland Team Badge and members name above the front pocket and “Northern Ireland” on the back are the only things permitted on the shooting vest. Font size etc. as directed when receiving your vest.

  • Team managers are empowered to remove from the competition any team member in violation of these rules.

Northern Ireland Team Members must attend the Home International Photo Call and Banquet (unless under exceptional circumstances having obtained permission to be absent from the team Manager).

  • They must attend in the official Team Uniform supplied free of charge to all team members by the UCPSA and remain in it until the end of prize giving. 

  • Skirts are not permitted shorter than one inch (2.5cm) above the knee. 

  • Any member who fails to abide by any of the above rules or fails to abide by any group instruction given by the Team Manager will be barred from representing Northern Ireland for a period of two years.

Furthermore members must sign off their intention to attend an International event on or before the cut off or sign off date. Signing off should be registered with the Team Manager or the Administration Secretary. Any member that withdraws from a Northern Ireland International Team, after accepting the team position and, fails to give adequate notice of withdrawal from the team without a reason acceptable to the board of the UCPSA will be liable to suspension from future team events which may include Home International and World events.

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