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Northern Ireland Team Leaderboards

Home International Team Standings for 2023

Automatic Ball Trap

Friday 8th-9th September

Bywell Shooting Ground, SCTSA

200 Targets

FITASC Sporting

Friday 29th September

Dungannon Shooting Ground, UCPSA

100 Targets

Olympic Trap

Friday 18th - Saturday 19th August

Nuthampstead Shooting Ground, CPSA

150 Targets

Down the Line

Friday 21st July

Crossmore Shooting Grounds, ICTSA

100 Targets

National Skeet

Friday 1st - Saturday 2nd September

Lecq Clay Target Club, Jersey CTSA

150 Targets

English Sporting

Saturday 16th September

Sporting Targets, CPSA

100 Targets

Olympic Skeet

Saturday 12th August

Fauxdegla Shooting Ground, WCTSA

100 Targets

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