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What is clay pigeon shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport which involves shooting moving clay discs with a shotgun.

How do I apply for a firearm certificate?

For information on firearm certificate applications please visit the PSNI website for the latest information.

Who can take part in clay pigeon shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting is a safe and enjoyable sport for all. In Northern Ireland shooters can start learning the sport at 12years old, see our PSNI authorised clubs section. There is no upper age limit, so clay pigeon shooting really is a lifelong sport.

I am thinking of trying clay pigeon shooting. How can I start?

You have made the first step by coming here. Next thing you need to do is find your local club and chat to them about your shooting options and find a discipline that suits you.

Whats the difference between the disciplines?

Check out our discipline guide for all the info.

Does shooting a gun hurt?

Although there is some recoil from firing a gun if you have good safe technique and the correct gun setup you won't get hurt from discharging a gun.

Is shooting a safe sport?

Yes shooting is a safe sport and we take all safety concerns very seriously. We also require everyone taking part to wear suitable ear and eye protection.


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