Ulster Clay Pigeon Shooting Association

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Members Information

Update on Brexit Firearms Licensing

 This is the latest membership list. Any member who does not appear on this list or has a classification query should contact the Secretary.

2020 Membership List & Classifications   UCPSA Top 5 Shooters in 2019 Per Discipline Foreword, Equality Statement, Child Protection Click Here Registered Events Rules, Ulster Cups, Authorised & Club Contact Details, Rubbish,

Anti Doping, Registered Events, Hearing & Eye Protection, Tie Breaks. Click Here Entry Costs & Times Click Here Classification Cut Off's Click Here N.I. Team Selection Click Here Code of Conduct Click Here C'ship Winners Click Here Team Application Form 2020 Click Here 2020 Team Form Returns Click Here

Team Leader Boards 2020 -

English Sporting Team         FITASC Sporting Team 

DTL HCIT Team         DTL Euro Team       DTL World Team

Olympic Skeet Team        National Skeet Team

Automatic Ball Trap Team       Olympic Trap Team














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